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ERCI Webinar | Hyperfreight: a New Concept for Freight Transport

ERCI/STARS Webinar | Hyperfreight: A New Concept for Freight Transport

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1. February 2023
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Welcome and Introduction
- European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI)
Hyperfreight: from concept to innovative products
- Paolo Umiliacchi | CNC Centro Nuova Comunicazione s.r.l.
- Vincenzo delle Site | National Research Council of Italy (CNR)
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- European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI)
Lutz Hübner


Project Manager
Rail Systems Technology
T +49 30 46302-573

New concept for an innovative rail freight transport offer

In this ERCI Webinar you will learn about a new concept for an innovative rail freight transport offer that is additional to the conventional one and is capable of dramatically affecting the modal split of freight transport in the European territory.

The new offer affects all types of goods, improves door-to-door relations and re-proposes a widespread distribution as the single wagon transport, while using the existing European rail network.

The webinar will illustrate the highpoints characterising the new offer and discuss which extremely interesting technological challenges must be to overcome in order to achieve its ambitious objectives and contribute to the European targets: to shift a significant share of freight market from road to the more sustainable rail mode.

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About ERCI

This webinar is organised by the European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI). ERCI comprises 15 research and innovation-oriented railway technology clusters, covering 16 countries. ERCI represents more than 1,500 SMEs and aims to promote innovation and the development of new business opportunities as a means to sustainably strengthen competitiveness within the European railway industry. ERCI promotes cooperation between industry and research, initiates innovation projects, organises B2B meetings and workshops. This also includes promoting visibility and networking at EU level.

About the STARS project

The application of advanced technologies and their Europe-wide dissemination in internal company processes should help to significantly improve the adaptability of traditional SMEs from the rail and mobility sector to the changed economic environment after the Corona crisis and to increase their competitiveness on a European scale. The project thus contributes to the European Commission's economic stimulus package. To achieve this, the STARS project aims to support international cooperation between technology-savvy SMEs/start-ups and traditional SMEs.