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Initiating collaborations with the economic and scientific communities

The capital region is Germany’s top innovation region. A higher concentration of research institutes can be found nowhere else in Germany. Seven universities, 21 higher education institutions and universities of applied sciences as well as more than 100 extramural research institutes offer you a lot of potential for innovation in the fields of transport, mobility and logistics.

In Berlin-Brandenburg, the economic and scientific communities are in close cooperation with each other. A groundbreaking system comprised of transfer and industry networks creates extraordinary cooperation opportunities for your business.

We will assist you and help you find the right research partner for your innovation project!

Access to networks

The networks established within the sectors of the Cluster are important partners and thus closely linked to the work of the Cluster Management. Benefit from our deep understanding about the interactions between different relevant players of the region!"

Overview of the funding programmes

We are familiar with the funding opportunities at different levels. It doesn’t matter if it’s regional, national or European funds, we will tailor our consulting services to your needs!

Horizon 2020: the European Research Framework Programme

Horizon 2020 is the new framework programme for research and innovation and it provides funding amounting to €77 billion for the period 2014-2020. The funding activities cover the entire innovation chain starting at basic research leading all the way to the development of marketable products and services. Higher learning institutions, research institutes, businesses (in particular small and medium-sized enterprises) as well as important players relevant to innovation in the broadest sense are the programme’s target groups.
You can get updated information on calls for tender and projects through the email service H2020 provided by the Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg.

We are happy to help you with:

  • finding project partners and service providers and establishing contact to them
  • getting in touch with international networks
  • making sure your project application qualifies

Internationalisation support

One central goal of the Cluster strategy consists of helping the economic and scientific communities of the capital region to strengthen their competitiveness at the international level. With this goal in mind, all the activities are geared towards international growth markets, technological development and cooperation opportunities.

The businesses and research institutes of the capital region have already made a variety of international contacts and established cooperative relations. Based on these contacts and relations, the Cluster Transport, Mobility and Logistics continues to develop systematic network relations and strategic partnerships with other European and non-European players.

In order to do so, it is important to involve international partners in the Cluster’s projects.

Skilled employees

Well-qualified skilled employees are vital to successful corporate development. The capital region is rich in varied services and measures aimed at the successful recruitment of employees, their specific further education and retention in businesses.

Make the first step towards the successful recruitment of skilled employees, their further education and their retention in your business now!

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