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Workplace Innovation: Building High Performance through your People

Workplace Innovation: Building High Performance through your People

16. February 2021
2:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Welcome, Introductions and Overview
- Rosemary Exton (Workplace Innovation Europe)

Workplace Innovation: what is it, where’s the evidence and what does it look like in practice?
- Dr Peter Totterdill (Workplace Innovation Europe)

The Enablers of High Performance

Self-Assessment Exercise using online polling

Being a change leader
- Natalie Wilkie (Workplace Innovation Europe)

Discussions in Breakout Rooms

Feedback from Breakout Rooms Facilitated by Rosemary Exton

Interactive Panel Discussion
- Rosemary Exton, Peter Totterdill, Natalie Wilkie


A Workshop presented by the RailActivation project

The online-workshop will be led by representatives of Workplace Innovation Europe and gives the chance to discover how a growing number of successful companies throughout Europe are using the knowledge, skills and experience of employees at every level to boost business performance – and how this helps them become employers of choice.

This meeting is part of the European RailActivation project "Activating inclusive growth in railway SMEs" led by MAFEX and which began in 2019 with the aim to create and pilot a rail business and organisational mechanisms for the uptake of workplace innovation by SMEs from the railway sector as part of an Open Innovation ecosystem.

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Project Manager
Rail Systems Technology
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You can register for free at the following link until 9 February 2021.