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ERCI Webinar | AI for the Rail Sector: Travellers' Experience & Seeing Machines

ERCI Webinar | AI for the Rail Sector: Travellers' Experience & Seeing Machines

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14. February 2024
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
- ERCI - European Railway Clusters Initiative
Using AI for improving safety in Railways
- Dr. Wolfgang Domann | Managing Director | EYYES GmbH
The Explosion of Generative AI. Past, Present and Future in the Railway Sector
- Laia Garriga Mas | Technology Transfer Manager, Ap-plied Artificial Intelligence Unit | EURECAT
News from the ERCI network
- ERCI - European Railway Clusters Initiative



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What to expect?

In this ERCI webinar, you will learn about the huge potential of artificial intelligence for the rail sector.

The EYYES GmbH specializes in railway safety. They use AI and camera systems to create innovative warning solutions. With their products, they have dedicated themselves entirely to the field of safety in public transport and traffic. The presentation addresses the accident risk for pedestrians, explains how AI and neural networks work for image processing and perception, highlights AI use cases and solutions for railways, and showcases practical videos of assistance systems in action.

EURECAT, the technology centre of Catalonia, is a provider of innovative and exceptional technologies to respond to the needs of industry for innovation through applied research and technological development, generating value and competitive advantage. EURECAT will talk about the European digitalisation goals for 2030, data lakes in mobility and rail transport. They will discuss what generative AI is compared to traditional AI, its specific capabilities and applications. Finally, the risks and limitations of generative AI will be discussed and what the next steps are in this regard.

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About ERCI

This webinar is organised by the ERCI - European Railway Clusters Initiative. ERCI comprises 17 research and innovation-oriented railway technology clusters, covering 16 countries. ERCI represents more than 1,500 SMEs and aims to promote innovation and the development of new business opportunities as a means to sustainably strengthen competitiveness within the European railway industry. ERCI promotes cooperation between industry and research, initiates innovation projects, organises B2B meetings and workshops. This also includes promoting visibility and networking at EU level.