European Consultation “Disruptions and Dependencies in the Rail Value Chain”
European Consultation on Disruptions and Dependencies in the Rail Value Chain

To ensure the Railway Innovations targeted by the Europe’s Rail programme of the EU for 2030 to be actually delivered, we need to be sure about the actual availability of materials and components necessary to produce them. This is step #1 to ensure European autonomy in this, and reduce vulnerabilities. Your contribution is key in this.



Lutz Hübner


Senior Manager
Rail Systems Technology
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The “European Consultation on Disruptions and Dependencies in the Rail Value Chain” launched within the LEADER 2030 project funded by the Europe’s Rail programme of the EU, aims to provide a fact-based analysis of disruptions and dependencies (no disruption, or vice versa type of disruptions, dimension of affected companies, affected railway segments, more affected vs more resilient territories, potential solutions adopted, etc.) experienced by the European Rail Value Chain (Transport Operators, Infrastructure Managers, OEMs, Tiers from 1 to 3).

Participation of companies also from European countries not member of the European Union is strongly welcome.

Why your participation matters, even if you had no disruptions and do not suffer from dependencies

The purpose is not statistical, but rather the results will make it possible to draw alerts on possible new disruptions related to the innovations that the European Railway market is increasingly requiring to the Supply Chain, and to contribute to intelligence analysis for the Railway industry. This will be possible also thanks to a thorough analysis of the innovations Europe’s Rail JU and European industries are working on (i.e. what materials/components they will require), and to a thorough analysis in collaboration with the European Raw Materials Value Chain.

The benefit for the European companies of the Rail Value Chain will be to receive intelligence information about future vulnerabilities and possible solutions, as well as industrial roadmaps, which will increase their competitiveness and resilience.

The participation of all companies of the Rail Value Chain matters - with a special focus on smaller companies and start-ups

Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Companies (SMEs) represent 90%+ of the Rail Supply Chain. Not only: disruptions and strategic dependencies have a particular impact on SMEs, as they are more vulnerable to lock-in effects and high switching costs, and in majority have no plan yet to handle supply chain disruptions and dependencies.

The consultation is offered multi-language, to better reach out to companies throughout Europe

Consultation in ENGLISH: European Consultation “Disruptions and Dependencies in the European Rail Supply Chain”

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