GeoIT GeoMonday 2017-4

IVU Traffic Technologies AG | Berlin

11. Dezember 2017 19:00 bis 22:00 Uhr

IVU Traffic Technologies AG | Bundesallee 88 | 12161 Berlin

Till Meyer


T +49 331 730 61-269

When it comes to logistics, most of the people think of parcels and the shipment of them. But the topic is much more comprehensive and touches a lot of more branches than parcel delivery. In general, logistics is about processes and the handling of the low of things between two spatially distinct points. It compasses everything which can be carried like food, persons, electricity or even data. However, logistics has to deliver solutions to critical challenges which dramatically influence our lifes today and in the future.

For example, how to transport large amounts of electricity from a production site to the places where it is required in a suitable time or how to handle the transport of people and goods in more and more crowded cities with overwhelmed infrastructure whilst the demand on faster and more dynamic transportation services is increasing? These are only some of the questions we have to deal with and on which logistical solutions have a significant impact.

However, the mission at the last GeoMonday this year is to give you a broader insight into the challenges, solutions and trends in the field of logistics. GeoMonday is looking foward to present you some innovative products and interesting projects albeit on a smaller scale.

If you want to present your related products and/or service story, please contact at info@geomonday.org and provide your headline and some background information.